The Titan Team are constantly researching, trialling and developing new and exciting products to help growers achieve professional results.

Our background is in optimising the terpene content whilst maintaining strong yields, however in a rapidly expanding and ever changing market we are extending our research to fully detail every stage of the crop cycle thereby maximising what can be achieved throughout.


TERPMAX PRO, for advanced growers who want to push their crop to the limit.

We have tailored our pro range to provide a slightly lighter base feed which is then complimented by 3 bloom boosters designed to trigger prolific flowering, produce heavy blooms and maximum terpene and flavonoid profiles.


  • an early bloom booster to deliver everything plants need to produce an abundance of flower sites
  • a mid bloom booster to feed the flowers and promote heavy dense buds
  • a late bloom booster to push essential oil resin production to maximum while signalling the plant to ripen. Perfectly balanced for full flavour and Terpene production.

Each has a perfect ratio of Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorous, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur and Iron for a perfect feeding response during every stage of the plants life. They include tailored blends of premium quality, super potent bio-stimulants, which are all natural derived (some OMRI listed).


  • Customisable: more control over when to introduce elevated P and K, Ca and Mg levels
  • Powerful: specially blended formulas designed to promote exuberant blooms and heavy harvests
  • Flexible: ability to stagger P and K uptake for those longer blooming varieties


FOLIAR SPRAY range in highly-soluble powder form for stages of growth from seedlings and clones through to early bloom. These are designed to maintain optimum photosynthesis and help plants uptake essential elements to enable uninterrupted vigorous rooting, leaf growth and flowering. They are a fast effective way to repair or avoid deficiencies and to help your plant maintain high growth rates.

FLUSHING AGENT in highly soluble powder form to help purge the salts from your grow media either periodically or for the final pre-harvest flushing cycle. Our advanced formula is highly efficient whilst maintaining beneficial bacteria at the root zone.

The pipeline continues to extend in our unending quest to find the perfect fusion of minerals and organics to enhance any garden.