Our Journey


Titan Hydro products are forged in cutting-edge hydroponic science delivered by the world’s most advanced commercial hydroponic specialists.  

Combining 20 years in indoor growing with 9 years of pioneering R&D, Titan Hydro’s range is purpose built for the most professional growers seeking optimal yields and quality.


In early 2017 we realised that we could use our many years of experience and expertise in cultivation and designing highly complex and advanced hydroponic powder feeds to deliver a step-change in indoor growing; improving the yield to cost ratio and enhancing quality traits whilst making it more 'green'. 


We set about the development of an innovative, market leading nutrient feed range, scouring the globe for the finest ingredients. We then started with small scale summer trials, moving into a series of larger scale trials through the winter, spring and the following summer. This has allowed us to understand the performance of a host of different varieties in varying growing conditions and optimise the product range for broad application.


We have optimised a range of:

  • easy-to-use powder feeds - both quick and simple in application - combining base feeds for vegetative and flowering stages (hard and soft water)
  • exceptionally potent powdered biostimulants (Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and Kelp)
  • highly effective powdered PK and Cal Mag boosts

This is a high purity, premium quality advanced product range whilst being still uncomplicated and easy to use. It has delivered exceptional yield results in both gross weight and terpene content, hence the name TERPMAX!

R&D is continuous in the Titan Labs and we will soon be releasing more products - see 'Future' for more information.


Features and Benefits

  • Maximum terpene production
  • Enhanced nutritional bioavailability
  • Increases medicinal properties
  • High yields
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Easy to use, pre-measured doses
  • Compact, easily portable and storable
  • Highly soluble
  • No PGRs
  • Ecological – sustainable – green


Long Term Goals

We are striving to encourage as many people to go green as possible, we know our products are of top quality and we know they would be easier to get to market in liquid form as that's the usual format but we are trying to ensure the future of our fragile planet.  All our products are in a dry form to reduce their shipping weight. Our packaging is 99% biodegradable and we also offer our customers the chance to plant trees with every purchase of our range.