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Mg5 S4

Vitamag is the perfect Magnesium additive to be used instead of Cal Mag if your source water is hard, which usually means it contains ample calcium. VitaMag also contains vitamins and Sulphur, used in the production of terpenes and can also be used as a foliar spray at 0.5 EC to quickly fix any Magnesium deficiencies. Increases lateral branching creating bushier plants and heavier denser blooms.

  • A must addition in soft water areas, especially, if growing in coconut coir as new coconut coir strips Magnesium from your nutrients.
  • Improves nutrient uptake and aids photosynthesis
  • Improves root production in young plants
  • Helps to create strong stems that hold heavy blooms.
  • Boosts Terpene production
  • A great alternative to CalMag in Hard source water gardens
  • pH stable. Ideal for hydroponics or soil

Usage Guide

Highly soluble feed, add directly to your reservoir while stirring. 
Use it in addition to your usual base feed, during weeks 4, 5 and 6 at:

  • 0.04g/L | 0.16g/gal 
  • 0.4g/10L | 1.6g/10gal
  • 4g/100L | 16g/100gal

Stock Solutions

For auto dose systems such as Dosatron, or Intellidose, you will need to make a concentrated stock solutions, we recommend the following recipe for dosing system tanks:

  • Add 40g/ L of water for a stock solution.  
    Add  1ml of stock solution per Litre of water in your reservoir

  • Add 160g/Gallon of water for a stock solution.  
    Add 4ml of stock solution per Gallon of water in your reservoir