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100% KELP EXTRACT (Ascophyllum nodosum)

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Extracted from mineral rich, cold waters. Rich in plant beneficial hormones such as Auxins, cytokines and gibberellins.

  • Breaks seed dormancy
  • Speeds up cell division
  • Stimulates root production
  • Growth and bloom accelerator
  • Very effective foliar treatment
  • Activates many beneficial plant functions
Kelp is one of the most effective natural bio-stimulants available, supercharging plant growth. Very effective at low doses it really delivers maximum bang for your buck. When combined with quality nutrition result in explosive plant growth response. 

Nutrient content in %
  • Nitrogen 1%
  • Phosphorous 0.3%
  • Potassium 17%

Usage Guide

Highly soluble biostimulant, add directly to your reservoir while stirring. 
Use it in addition to your usual base feed, every 3 weeks at:

  • 0.1g/L | 0.4g/gal 
  • 1g/10L | 4g/10gal
  • 10g/100L | 40g/100gal
  • 1/32tsp/L | 1/8tsp/gal
Use as an effective foliar treatment combined with chel8
Simplified Instructions for biostimulants 
Reservoir L teaspoons
1L 1/32tsp
2L 1/16tsp
4L 1/8tsp
8L 1/4tsp
16L 1/2tsp
32L 1tsp
64L 2tsp
96L 3tsp

Stock solution guide:

For auto dose systems such as Dosatron, or Intellidose, you will need to make a concentrated stock solutions, we recommend the following recipe for dosing system tanks:

  • Add 10g/ L of water for a stock solution.  
    Add  5-10ml of stock solution per Litre of water in your reservoir

  • Add 37.8g/Gallon of water for a stock solution.  
    Add 18.9-37.8ml of stock solution per Gallon of water in your reservoir